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Play Samples

The following are samples primarily not meant as pure sound demonstrations, but as some play references to simply deliver examples of Gallitzendoerfer's preferred playing styles. All of these examples are improvisations played live into the self-developed Gallitzendoerfer system without any editing or "constructing" music which Gallitzendoerfer doesn't really like, therefore he ever avoided to develop software which allows unskilled players to sound more than they are in reality.

Note: you need JavaScript enabled on your browser to get the players on your screen. Thanks to Gallitzendoerfer's own streaming technique, no flash players or other insecure stuff is required to listen to this material. This version has been updated to work with the most recent versions of the major web browsers. However, the backwards compatibility to older browser versions had to be sacrificed for this upgrade. (R.G. May 27, 2016)

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