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Dr. Georg Müller georg.mueller at dplanet.ch
Fri Jun 10 22:25:08 BST 2005

>        i was wondering lately, if they got this product nearly finished
>        (according to the press releases) why they didnt released
>        those dsp boxes at all. attending at musikmesse cost huge $$$ also,
>        i belive noone can afford this just for fun or without any serious
>        business aim.

There are funny people around, like Rainer Gallitzendoerfer [1] who showed up
during Messe in Frankfurt many times, allways showing a new version of his
great keyboard. It was never creating any sound and never sold. But the
guy is still active in the field, as you can see in his news area...


[1] http://www.gallitzendoerfer.com/

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